Monday 18 April 2016

Where I've been...

Ma's been super rubbish at keeping my blog up to date!.... 
I have got an Instagram page though to make up for it @Reggie_pugalier

We have been very busy as I'm getting a new best friend soon... 

This is my new friend below, was a complete surprise, but a lovely one! 
I will be happy to have someone to play with and go on walks with in their new wheels! 

I'm very gentle already, so ma thinks I will make a great furry big bro! 

If your missing me, have a look at my Instagram... 💗💙

Wednesday 2 September 2015

My 4th Birthday

Today is my 4th Birthday! 

One of my favourite humans bought me this frog / turtle, I love it! 

My Ma is taking me out later to pets at home so I can choose a few bits id like & have a good look round & check any pee-mail! 


Sunday 30 August 2015

Happy Birthday Alf

Today is my uncle Alfie's Birthday! He's 8! 

I get to spend the weekend with him as my Ma's buggered off to the Moto GP... But I don't mind! I like staying with him! 

He's a rubbish driver though... Lazy at the wheel look... 

Thursday 20 August 2015

Piggy puggy

Nope, I definitely did not lick that fork in the dishwasher Ma... Ummm I have no idea how I got mayonnaise on my nose... But it definitely wasn't from that fork with mayo on it.... Honest!... Cough cough

Wednesday 5 August 2015

River tales...

I went down to the river for a little paddle as it had been super hot in the day

It was so nice on my puggy paws

I had a good paddle around 

& I was really enjoying myself 

I then splashed my face, got scared & refused to move & cried & cried & cried until ma took her shoes off to come get me... 

She wasn't too impressed, but saw the funny side! ... Good job she loves me!! Otherwise I might still be there now! Hehe 

Now all we need is the sun!! ☀️

Pongo Dalmation

I met my first Dalmation on Sunday by the canal... He was pretty! 

He said hello... 

He was much bigger than me! 

Hello my new friend Pongo! Hope to meet you again! 

Thursday 23 July 2015

Oops! Yum yum

Ma accidentally bought a McDonald's!

So I helped her eat it so she wouldn't feel guilty! ... I'm nice like that! 

Friday 12 June 2015


Quick Ma! Take the photo.... The cows make me nervous... Are they coming? 
Quick!!!!! I can see them out the corner of my eye! Eeekkkkk..... 

My poorly face

I'm fine now... But this is me when I was a bit poorly! 
Me & Ma had a blanket day till I felt better! 

Saturday 23 May 2015

Best day ever... Doggy Ice cream

Today I went out for lunch as it's lovely & sunny... We went to 'Kitchen' just down the road & sat outside by the river..

I had a spot under the table with a water bowl 

The best thing was that I had my own menu to choose from! 

I chose ice cream! 

Yum yum! 

It was so nice I ate every last bit! 

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Walk, Sheeps & Butterfly Nanna

Me & ma get to go on some lovely walks where I live... This is the road to my house!

We walked past some Sheeps... I tried to speak to this one...he was called Baa Baa! 

I think some of the Sheeps were wary of me & thought I was a wolf! 

I asked them how their day had been, but they weren't very chatty, so we carried on walking...

We then came across one of Ma's favourite things! ... A butterfly! 
It stopped to say hello to me! 

It was very pretty! 

Ma said these butterflies always remind her of her Nanna... So they make her smile! 

We past these plants in the field.. They smelt very nice, but not sure what it is? 

Wednesday 6 May 2015

My travels...

My ma has a new Beetle called Betty! 

I have my own special bed seat for her where I'm a bit higher to see out the windows 

Where are we going today on our travels ma? 

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Betty.. The new lady in my life!

Ma's got a birthday coming up, so she thought as it's a round scary number she'd treat herself to a new car....

She's called Betty

Mwah! Pleased to meet you Bet! 

I sat & chatted to her about all the places we could go! 
I love the beach, so I'm hoping we get to go there lots.... 

Ma's bought me a special seat for Betty as my fur gets everywhere & I don't want to make Betty look untidy! I will show you photos when it arrives! 

Thursday 19 February 2015

Hottest seat in the house!!

I love being toasty.... 

I budge ma out the way so I can snuggle next to the heaty box! .... Perfect! 

Tuesday 10 February 2015

My new back pack

I'm so lucky! Ma was taking me to the vets & she found a cool back pack, 1 left in my size!!!

I can now take my own things for sleepovers at Grandads & my favourite peoples houses & weekends with uncle Alf!  

It will also be really good for my long summer walks once the sun comes back! I can take a drink & ham sandwich and then we can be out all day! 
I said I'd carry Ma's haribo's to... 

Thursday 5 February 2015

Valentines thoughts....

I want to buy this for my ma for valentines day.... But Tesco wouldnt accept my biscuit coins... 

Sunday 25 January 2015

New scarf

How cool is Ma's new scarf? 

It's got pugs on it! .... Looks better on me! X

Car clean

Helping ma clean her car ready for a service next week.... 
I get to sit in the front seat & I know how to open the window! :)