Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Snooze....

I love having a Sunday snooze with my Pops!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Shallow Grave...

Reggie & Minnie have been working on a dig in the garden for sometime now.... everytime we fill it in, they wait till we arent looking and dig it again.... we thought this was fairly innocent... UNTIL

We then came home to find this....... It was a shallow grave!!!!

what could Mr Duck have done that was so bad??!!

We explained to Reggie & Minnie that Mr Duck had 'Avian Rights' and must of faced trial first for his crimes again puppykind.

For this we sentenced them to....... 15 minutes in the slammer!!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Best Friends Forever!!!

Me and Minnie are BFF's .... Best Friends Forever!
at first I didnt really like Minnie as she was a girl... & I dont like girls, but she is super cool!

She is a bit naughty and is proving hard to train, and is leading me astray slightly..... but sometimes she is peaceful and just hangs out with me on my swinging chair watching the flowers grow...

... She is very thoughtful and knows when people are upset and need cheering up

and I now have help to fight my arch nemesis next door..... The cat!!!

... Look Minnie, there he is now... 

Cat says; "HEY this is my side of the fence nosey pug parkers!! bit of privacy please!!! I'm planning my cat revenge on you!!! wa ha ha ha ha!!!"

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Watching my workforce.... Maggie Rose Handmade

My Mummy has been working super hard...............

Ive been over seeing her work and making sure shes not having to many tea breaks!! hehe!

Most things on her blog are available to buy!!! Please have a look and tell your friends!

Love Reggie xxx

This is one of two large wall cupboards to be repaired and painted for her friends beautiful kitchen

Some of the things she has made... little boxes, cards, gift tags and a cute tooth fairy pillow case

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Minnie Mouse needs a bigger house!!!

Look how much Minnie has grown.... she is only 5 months old!!

First week in her new home...

This photo has been taken in the same spot....

Minnie now... ! I reckon she is going to be taller than my puggy little legs!!shes still growing!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sun in Shining... Weather is sweet... Yeah!

Yum Yum.... Ice cream... .I am dreamin' of a chicken & gravy flavoured ice cream... Slurp slurp!!

Can't believe I have to share my sun lounger with a girl!!!... Minnie, move up!!!

Minnie Says;
"Reg, Check out my new pool!!! Its so hot.... Awwww thats nice on my little paws"

Trotting around in me new pool... splash, splash, splash

awwww i love my pool Dad.... gimmie a kiss!!! MWAH!!!!

Reggie says...
Well, I hope your happy... Minnie's made my sun lounger wet now!!!
'Bestest Cross Face!!'

Minnie helping to fill the pool :-)