Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Weekend...

My weekend started badly as my secret was out....... I was BUSTED!!!

Ma had been blaming Pa for ages for nicking her water on her bedside table in the night & kept saying... "get your own water". I didn't hear her coming and she walked in to the room when I was mid sip.... she was NOT happy! She said she felt a bit sick... Don't know why?? my puppy breath isn't to bad!!!   


Ma & Pa Clegg came to visit, but we had such a lovely time that I forgot to ask my blog paparazzi to take piccies! Doh!
They brought some yummy food for me! Yum yum!
Ma Clegg was giving Ma some much needed advice on knitting... so while she was doing that, I had a sleep (for a change).....


We did some chores today.... I helped!

I unloaded the washing machine & helped hang the washing out..... Sort of!
... I looked after the pegs!

After we'd finished hanging out the washing I tried to take a photo of me and Ma together for my family album, but my paws don't stretch to far for me to hold out the camera & Ma's big head took up all the room.... you can only just about see me!!!
..... How selfish!!!

Best get some Zzzzzzzz's in, back to work tomorrow....
Looking after the house is a full time job you know!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Who done it!?

Uh Oh! We've returned home to a serious crime!! what's happened to Phesant??!!.....

We need to get the Cludeo detectives on this one!!
After a search of the house gathering evidence & a brief sit down which coincidently coincided with Eastenders, we established....

              It was in... "The kitchen"
           Weapon... "Unknown".....

One things clear.....

"Who done it!!!"

Monday, 23 January 2012

... Tea's ready!

"Pa.... be a gent and pass me the oven mit, ...... my chickens done"

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Beach

Ma & Pa said they'd take me on my first outing to the beach! Eeeeekkkk!!

I'm so excited!
I thought I'd make myself look lovely for my fans & have a 'Puggy-icure'.... but Ma said pink wasn't my colour & the big dog down the road might have something to say about my little paws next time I see him on my walk......

.......... Think I'll leave it then

It was decided we would go to Sidmouth!!!! .... Ooooo it looks very nice!

I did some sight-seeing...... 

I had lunch on the beach..... Yum-yum sausage!

A Pesky Seagull had his eye on my lunch the whole time.....
I'm watchin' you Mr Sneaky-Beaky!!!.. There's a chip in that bag I'm saving for later!!

Me & Pa did some walking to burn of those chippy chips!... Don't want to put weight on my Puggy hips!!

Oooo.. that lady has a tennis ball!!

Well I was having a nice day until........
Gosh.... How rude!!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

.... Beaches to get to!

"... I am Reggie..... get outta my way cyclist!!! Whoof!!"

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

At Alf's House!

I went to stay with Uncle Alfie this week....
It's nice here!.... Think I need to mess it up a bit, get some toys out... hehe!

Alfie didn't look to pleased to see me at first, but he said as long as I wasn't as hyperactive as normal it would be ok for me to stay...  

He said as I was his guest, I could have his beanbag mountain....

... It didn't last long.... but I didn't mind sharing.

"Quick Pheasant... Alf's gone to get a drink.... pinch his seat!!"  

I had a lovely time! Thank you for looking after me!! .... Carrots!!! Yum Yum!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

What a treat!

I have had to pack my suitcase today as I am going on my doggy holidays to Uncle Alfie's for a few days.
Alf's given me the low down on what I can and can't do during my visit, he said he can get me on the sofa when Grandma's not looking...

Ma & Pa are going up North for a few days, Ma was born in the North & has told me a bit about it, I also remember reading about this place in my favourite magazine....

Anyway, I've been quite busy this week with all my activities....Let me update you!

 I learnt to climb the stairs,

... But I haven't worked out how to get down!!

.... I ate some yoghurt! Yum Yum!

 ... I did a bit of sewing.

I looked at my pretty puggy face for a bit in the mirror & decided I'd like highlights for the summer!

.... then I rounded off the week by chillin' out with Phesant on Bean bag mountain... I've said if he's good he can come to Uncle Alf's with me.... Alf's on a diet as a nasty vet man said he was a porky pig even though he's just big boned, so rather than having treats he eats carrot, he sometimes shares them with me, they taste nice!!  Yum yum!!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weekend Fun!

Friday evening.... its the weekend! My favourite!! whoof!

Pa was making tea with his music on loud.... so me and Ma had a little dance around the kitchen! I'm pretty good at shaking my puggy toosh!


Ma & Pa said I could choose the morning tele viewing. There was a brilliant programme on about a guide dog! He was so clever.....

 I had to get a closer look.....

Uncle Alf came to visit Saturday afternoon! I like Alf.... he speaks my language! Whoof Woof!

We sat in the garden for a bit with Grandma.... (shes camera shy.... not like me!!)

We did so much sitting around in the garden that we tired ourselves out and had an afternoon nap.... Zzzzzzz


Ma took me for a walk to a lovely park near our house as Pa was watching football.... Yawn!

I've got a new lead and its pretty snazzy isnt it?!

I liked the park, but there was too much to look at!....

I did my first Poop out of my garden... Ma got REALLY excited about that and gave me lots of treats.... humans are weird!!!!!!

"Sniff sniff....." Roast beef for tea..... must dash!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Today I have been mostly.... Sleeping!

I had a nice sleep on some flowery blanket Ma didnt want me to sit on.......

Then I had another good snooze on the side of the chair.... Zzzzzzzzz

I slept on bean bag mountain for a while... I thought Pa might sneak up on me though & push me off, so I had to keep watchin my back..... this is MY bean bag now!!

Then I was having a lovely long sleep on another blanket I'm not meant to... they smell so nice & are super comfy... and if i keep really still, no one will see me....


Hang on..... what's that noise.... is that the letter box??? that postman is being really loud..... he's.... he's banging the letter box..... hang on a minute, let me go and sort this out at the window.... some puppies are trying to sleep in here........he needs to learn some manners.....  will you excuse me for a minute?........

"Keep it down Postie!!... yeah, im barking at you!!!!!"
"Pugalier's sleeping in here!! WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! "

Some people ay!? It's a good job I'm here to tell him off!

.... Right, where was I?


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

It Arrived!! - I'm back online!

I have been waiting for many hours by the window for the new cable to arrive..... I missed Homes Under The Hammer, Location-Location-Location and my mid morning snooze's......

Hurrah!!!! It's arrived!! It was worth the wait!.... I just hope I dont get peckish and eat this one as a snack to!... to be honest, I've got my eye on the phone chargers now, they look super tasty!

Reginald is back online!

High Five!!!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year... I'm in Big trouble!!

I was bored and when no one was watching I chewed through the laptop cable!! Dad was well cross as he can't play football manager & mum was really cross as she reminded me she spent all her pennies on vets bills already!!! Ooops! I'm going to go & sit with Duck & Pheasant until ma & pa calm down. I can't do my blog properly until a new cable arrives... I should have thought this through....