Saturday, 26 May 2012

Little Paddler

Minnie got super hot and made herself a little paddling pool out of a washing up bowl :-)

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Olympic Torch!!

Wow what an evening!! The Olympic torch came to my home town and I was allowed to go see it... Minnie had to stay home as shes not had her second jabs yet, but I've told her all about it!

Ma & Pa's good friends Esther & Brian came with us and we had a great time!!!

Front row views!!! I kept my puggy little eyes peeled and saw loads of cool things!!!

I saw some horses that have jobs as police!

I saw a super cool dog flying his flag!!

I saw some cycling policemen

I saw more police....
Look calm, look calm... don't think they are looking for me!
Im an upstanding Puggy-Citizen! 

The torch is coming......

Look Look, Will-i-am is on this bus!! can you see him?
He's Dope!! (as Will would say!)
He looked at me out the window!! I think he must like dogs!... He thought I was Dope! :-)

Look, there's me with my flag!!

 I saw a cola lorry! yum yum!

I saw a Lloyds TSB bus

I saw these runners who jog along with the torch

and here it is.... The Olympic Torch!!! The lady looked right at me!.... She must like dogs to!

This lady is called Chloe Lock and she is 26 and is from Honiton.
Her friends write...
Chloe encourages people who are less able and have no-self confidence. She is a team player and amazing athlete and wonderful instructor. we all love her and she won't disappoint

It was so exciting to see the Olympic Torch! I had such a lovely time and am glad I got to share it with Ma & Pa who love me very much!

Check out Will i am's piccie below!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

My weekend...

I was a very brave boy at the vets, so my weekend has been quite good as I have been spoilt! I had to wear a silly hat collar for a few days, but the vet I saw on Sunday told me not to wear it anymore and took my stitches out after only 2 days and as Im a superman healer dog! He popped a little staple in, which I will keep in for a week!

My Ma made me some cool big boy pants to stop me from licking my new staple, but now I've forgotten its there so I don't need them....
I might wear them down the beach though!! Ma had to modify them slightly as she had overlooked one vital part......!!
Reggie Said "Ma how do I poop in these??!!....don't worry, too late!"

because I have been so good Pa took me and Min's to the doggy pick and mix and we were allowed anything we liked!! I had one of everything!! Yum yum yum....

Then me and Minne needed a good long lie down after all those doggy sweets..... Bloated!!!

Its been such lovely weather that we decided to stay outside most of the time. I tried to help Minnie get some good photos, but shes hard work...

This is me below telling her to look at the camera....

Ok, shes starting to get the hang of posing for the camera now......

wow... catalogue pose!! what a pro! legs crossed like a lady and everything!!

After Minnie had a few photos taken, she did what she does best..... SLEEP!!!!

She slept by the washing basket...

She slept in the plants...

and she slept on the grass.... sleep, sleep, sleep for ages!!!

I got my own back though later in the day, as she was trying to tell me a story and I fell asleep!!!.... Yawn!!!

Minnie said; "Erm... Wreggie... S'quse me Wreg.... Im trying to tells yous somethings!!"

Reg Said; "ZZzzzzzzzz"

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I need to be brave!

Tomorrow morning I am going to puppy hospital to get 'snip snipped'!
We are all very nervous, but know its for the best.
I am a very special puppy and cry and make a fuss a bit more than most dogs would when things hurt.... so the vet said I might have to have special attention!

Ive been promised a new collar and my favourite.... CHICKEN!!!! & a big chill out weekend in my favourite chair... and if Ma & Pa can find them, I'd like some slippers like this cool guy below....

.... wish me luck!


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Minnie's Flowers

Look at Minnie's lovely collar! She has a matching lead to, but she can't use it yet... its pink an has flowers on! :-)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Monday, 7 May 2012

Our first weekend as Brother & Sister...

This is the first weekend of being brother and sister.....

we got a nice lead ready for when Minnie has her jabs, it means that we only need one lead so it will be easier to walk us.

We played some games....

No Minnie.... This is my cheeseburger!!!

We played wrestling....

We played peek-a-boo...

Then we played in the garden for a bit... Minnie got in a mood as I wouldn't share my grown up puppy treat with her!

Then Minnie did ALOT of sleeping...

 She sleeps all the time...

But I like having a little sister!

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Well.... when Ma & Pa said they would buy me a present for the times they both had to go to work, this isnt quite what I had in mind.....

Reggie said; "Well, I hope you've kept the receipt!"

She's a little GIRL! Yuck! and she keeps pinching all my things!!.... I was hoping for Doggy Jenga or a new Kong, maybe some slippers or something.... but instead I get.... Minnie!

I will tell you a bit about her... but it doesnt mean I like her!!

Xx Minnie xX

Minnie was born on the 15th March 2012 on a farm on the Mendips
Her Dad was a Jack Russell & her Mum was a Border Terrier... So I guess she's a Border Jack... or maybe a Russell Terrier.... Huummmmm

The picture above is her with her brothers & sisters... you can also see her mum in the bakground. Minnie is the darker one on all fours at the front.

At first when she arrived all she did was sleep..... yawn!!

She slept in her basket...

She slept on a cushion...

She slept on the sofa...

And she slept like a baby & upside down...

I was waiting for her to wake up the whole time..... not because I like her though, I definately dont like little girls & once Ma & Pa find that receipt I shall swap her for that Doggy Jenga!

While I was waiting I had a snooze aswell... rude not to!

When Minnie woke up I gave her the tour of my grounds...

Reggie said; "Come on Minnie, keep up!!"    Minnie said; "Wait for me Reggie!!"
This is the decking area... you can watch the flowers from here.....

Reggie said; "do you need a paw up?"

Minnie said; "can you give me a piggy back... my little legs are tired"
... and these are the flowers... Don't get lost in there Minnie!!

Now it's time for another snooze.... this tour guide business is hard work!!

Reggie said; "get settled & have a rest....night night Minnie....maybe you are ok for a girl.... I think you can stay... Mwah, kiss kiss!... I'm no good at Jenga anyway"

Blimey, what a busy day puppy sitting, I'm pooped! ... ZZzzzzzzz!