Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Christmas has been a bit sad as Ma is a bit upset, but I understand why and gave her lots of cuddles!

I still got some toys and LOTS of lovely turkey which Dad made! - Yum Yum!

Dad's Mum and Dad came to see me with their friends Colin & Ann.... They are now my friends too!
Me & my mate, Colin.

We had a very nice day indeed!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

... A terrible day

Today was an awful day. I had an accident...

Daddy was sorting out the washing and Mummy was coming back from the Train Station, I was walking round the house minding my own business as usual and then..... BANG!
I don't remember what happend and Mum & Dad didnt see it, so they don't know what happened to me either??
Ma & Pa rushed me to the vets... Ma was crying... so was I!! it hurt!!
The vet lady said I might of been burnt, but it could be an electrocution!! I hoped it wasnt an electrocution as they said I might not make it.... this made Ma & Pa very sad.... and I wouldn't get to eat that turkey I'd been promised!

I was given doggy morphine and some other injections to make me calm. I could have stayed in the animal hospital overnight, but I wanted to go home and rest.

Ma had to take me to the vets the next morning, I didnt want to go & made Ma carry me the whole way!

I got some cream for my burn and was sent home.... Pheeewwww!

My burn itched, so Ma had to make me a scratch mit so that my burn would get better...

Monday, 5 December 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

 I picked a spot by the wood burner to warm up after a walk...

 I chose my seat for Christmas tele viewing...

 I made sure I was warm on my walks...

and I too received a Christmas jumper from Mummy..... I'm not impressed!