Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Walk to Langport

Today I decided to walk from one of my favourite human houses to uncle Alfie's house! 
Ma recorded it on her walking app to see how far it was! 

I put one of my jumpers on as it's been a bit chilly out lately

One of the houses here is where I started my walk... 

There were some nice views on the way

Then we got into the town of Langport

The river parrett runs through langport & it's flooded this year & caused a lot of problems, but it's being fixed

This is the river, it's very pretty! 

There were lots of fisherman out today

This is the high street... We walked right to the top! It's a lovely little town 

I do enjoy walking

When I got to Alfie's I had a well deserved cup of tea! 

Monday, 29 December 2014

A day up North...

Today I have been up North. 

Grandad looked after me this morning while Ma went to take some flowers to Nanna...

This is the chapel at Macclesfield cemetery 

Ma & her Auntie put some new flowers down so it looked nice 

It was a very peaceful frosty morning

Ma took some photos as it was such a lovely morning

There were some magpies running around

In the afternoon I sat in the sunshine window whilst Grandad read his paper

Ma & I went for a walk in the afternoon through the woods 

We also walked through the rugby field 

I saw a cheeky squirel that kept following me!! 

Then I came home & had a rest... 

Best keep Grandads chair warm for him! 

Sunday, 28 December 2014


I am spending the weekend with Grandad! I like it here as I can have a rest! 
We should of got here at 14:30 yesterday, but we ended up stuck in a car park... The M6... & didn't get here till 7!!! 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Derek Christmas Special

This week one of my favourite programmes was on! A Special of Derek... I sat in the best seat! 

I had to turn around & ssshhhh ma, who kept talking on the phone

I like Derek! I wish he was my friend! 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas has come early... ❄️

Ma doesn't like me to be chilly... & the heating doesn't stay on all day as she's a bit tight.... so Santa has delivered me a super cute hot water bottle to keep me toasty all day!! 💗

Monday, 8 December 2014

Getting into the festive spirit!

Look at this amazing card with a puggy face like me on!!... 
I posed next to it so you can see the likeness!! 

I set my workforce the task of putting up the tree... I had to keep a watchful eye on them, make sure the baubles were placed to my liking & the star was on straight! Here I am barking my orders... Hehe! 

My little house is looking a little more Christmassy now.... 💗

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sunday beach trip

Sunday ma was going to drive us to a lake 5 minutes from our house... 
She got lost and 40 minutes later we arrived in Seaton! 

I love going to the beach, so I didn't mind! 

I ran around and smelt all the smells 

It was a lovely day for the beach! 

I was so happy that I gave Ma a big kiss!!! 

We sat and had a cup of tea & looked out to sea... 

This was my best day of November so far

Friday, 7 November 2014

For the love of dogs

My favourite programme was on tonight, ma let me sit on the sofa to watch it! 

I love watching Paul O'Gradys love of dogs! 

The dog on the screen was called Coffee & it's a good job he got rehomed as I think Ma wanted him!! ... I'd have to share my jumpers! 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

My new knitwear

Sorry I've been super busy lately & haven't managed to write.... 

Ma went shopping today & got me some winter knitwear! 

This one is super cool! I look trendy! 

This one is great to! 

Bring on the winter weather! I'm ready! 

Friday, 3 October 2014


Following the memory walk for alzhimers last Saturday I was papped & I'm in the local paper... 
The 'Somerset County Gazette' 

I am in a photo to the bottom right with Ma, Ma's ma & Alf & I managed to get in the top photo to walking along!! 

Here's the photo from the newspapers website on Ma's phone... 
It was a lovely walk for a very good cause!!! Xx

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Memory Walk for Alzheimer's

Today me, Ma, Ma's Ma & Alf did the memory walk for Charity. 
It was in a park in town

We have raised £300 so far & there's still more to come in.. So that's amazing & the sponsors have been so kind! 
(If you would like to sponsor us visit and type in Kerry Short... It's the bottom page) 

Me & Ma love walking, so to do it for charity is amazing... 

Do you like our rosettes? They both have photos of Auntie Doris & her lovely family on, who we dedicated our walk to... 

After we'd finished the walk we all got medals! Even me & Alf got one which was so cool... I've never been given a medal before, so I will treasure it...

Thank you to all our sponsors & kind donations... It's such a good cause & will help families & people living with sometimes such a devastating & upsetting condition... 

Here's one of my long legged friends who also took part... 

What a great day & a lovely cause! 

Here's to you Auntie Doris!! My medal is dedicated to you! 
All my Love, 
Reggie xxx