Thursday, 23 May 2013

Frank in the fur!!

Yesterday ma left work early so she could drive me to meet my best blog friend, my brother from another mother - Frank!!! 
He lives in Wales & was on his holidays in Devon, so we arranged to meet up as its not to far from my house!

It was brilliant to meet him!! He really is a handsome chap!! 
His mummy is very beautiful to & I got a little kiss!
We all had a run on the beach and the sun was shining!! I loved it!
 I cannot wait to meet them again!! Friends forever!! 

Kisses!! Xxx
Wow!!! Mirror! 

Hey good lookin! 

What a lovely afternoon with my new friends! Xx

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Looking after little Lady....& happy birthday in heaven x

This weekend I looked after Lady while her Ma was away! 
We went on some cool walks near her house....
It was lovely weather, so we chilled out in the garden to...
At night time I moved my bed next to lady's so we could talk about puppy stuff before we went to sleep...
Our walks were so long that we fell asleep in the day... 
I've really enjoyed looking after lady!! 

Today is also Ma's Nanna's birthday! She's in heaven. Ma misses her very much and we had a cuppa tea & some cake to mark the day... Happy Birthday Nanna, love you & miss you lots xxx

Monday, 6 May 2013

Best Friends

I nearly lost my best friend, uncle Alfie, but he's making a good recovery and can still chill out with me in the garden! xxx