Thursday, 30 January 2014

Great Wood walk

I went on a cool walk a few weekends ago! It wasn't far from my home, but I'd never been there before... 

There were lots of trees and open space

There were so many things to smell! 

I led the way along the tracks through the wood...

There were some really tall trees!

There was a fallen tree that was blocking the way, but we managed to climb round it...

I kept my beedy eyes open for deer...

Ooo a big stick! 

There's so many trees here, it goes on forever!

This one looks like a Christmas tree!

There's so many tracks to explore...

Me & my best friend... Ma! x

What a great walk! Hope I get to go to the Great Wood again soon! 

Me & you x

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Grumpy Reg!

I am so cross with ma!! Not only did she go in the supermarket without me, she stopped to take photos of another pug!!!!

And not just one!!!!..... A whole shelf!! 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Wash day

Today is wash day... 

Normally I don't mind wash day, but today it's my worldly possessions in the spinny machine... 

This makes me very sad... 

Ma said it will smell fresh, but id been working on those smelly blankets for a few weeks, they smelt extra doggy!! 

How do I turn this thing off?

Wash day is rubbish !!! 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Best friends...

Ma is my best friend.... But Boufle my dog toy friend comes a close second! 

Puddles and sunshine!

Puddles and Sunshine is one of my favourite things... Ever!!!! It reminds me of the seaside a little bit, which is my no.1 favourite place!

This is the park closest to my house! There was the biggest & bestest puddle i had seen in ages!

I was so excited, I was running around so much! This is a great walk! I have missed the sun so much as Im a proper sun pug & like to sunbath!

I just stood in that great big awesome puddle & reflected on my little puggy life.... I do my best thinking stood in puddles!

I made sure I explored every part of the puddle to make sure I didn't miss anything.

I could see a church that I've walked past a few times if Ive popped into town to share a Greggs Sausage Roll with Ma!..... Ummmm Sausage rolls......

There wasn't any other doggys out enjoying the lovely puddles?!.... never mind, more puddles for me!

I could play all day in this puddle...

I had a little rest so I could dry off in the sun as it was still quite chilly out.

There are 3 churches in the skyline on this photo below... can you see them?

The next photo below I asked Ma to take so I can show you my house.... Theres a large pole that Ma calls 'The spaceship" as at night its all lit up.... You can kind of see the pole in the middle of the photo coming out of a roof.... well, that pole is right outside my house! So you can see how close I am to my puddles!

When Ma's not looking I always try and sneak down this lane.... Pets at home is down that lane.... we didn't go this time as I forgot my spends & Ma didn't bring her purse so she couldn't sub me!

I had done a lap of the field and ended up at the puddle end again! Yey!

I splashed my face in the water....

.... I found a little island.... I will name it 'Reggie Island' !

I keep watch for any other doggies to play with in the puddles!

Theres lots of stranded sticks in the water & I feared for their safety, so I rescued as many as I could!

Heres another one rescued..... Just call me 'The Hoff!'

I picked up the pace so I could rescue as many sticks as I could before Ma made me get out...

Don't worry sticks.... I will save you!

Wow! This was a big'un!

Good job Ma wore her wellies as I kept splashing her with all the sticks I was saving!!

Right.... one last look and then Im off home to sit in front of the fire!

Saturday, 18 January 2014