Sunday, 30 August 2015

Happy Birthday Alf

Today is my uncle Alfie's Birthday! He's 8! 

I get to spend the weekend with him as my Ma's buggered off to the Moto GP... But I don't mind! I like staying with him! 

He's a rubbish driver though... Lazy at the wheel look... 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Piggy puggy

Nope, I definitely did not lick that fork in the dishwasher Ma... Ummm I have no idea how I got mayonnaise on my nose... But it definitely wasn't from that fork with mayo on it.... Honest!... Cough cough

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

River tales...

I went down to the river for a little paddle as it had been super hot in the day

It was so nice on my puggy paws

I had a good paddle around 

& I was really enjoying myself 

I then splashed my face, got scared & refused to move & cried & cried & cried until ma took her shoes off to come get me... 

She wasn't too impressed, but saw the funny side! ... Good job she loves me!! Otherwise I might still be there now! Hehe 

Now all we need is the sun!! ☀️

Pongo Dalmation

I met my first Dalmation on Sunday by the canal... He was pretty! 

He said hello... 

He was much bigger than me! 

Hello my new friend Pongo! Hope to meet you again!