Friday, 15 June 2012

What the Dicken's is this??!!

Ma... Pa.... what on earth were you thinking..... I employ you to open the door for me!!

.... Remind me how it works again guys....

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

sorry we've been sleeping!

Hi guys, sorry we havent been in touch for a while. we have been super busy!.... sleeping!

Minnie did a bit of gardening.... but she got caught sleeping on the job inbetween the flowers...

Ma & Pa bought us a new sun lounger when it was nice weather and it was put in the shade so we knew where to lie and keep cool.... aaaarrrr lovely! Zzzzzzz

It got so hot in the evening that Minnie gave up on sleeping in the bed and tried to keep cool by sleeping on the floor.... I didnt mind... It meant more room for me to stretch out!!


On our more active days we had uncle Alfie to stay over for the whole weekend as his Ma & Pa went to see a band called Coldplay... they sing about Yellow things and Fixing people... sounds very good on my iPaw and headphones!

it was like a doggy sleepover! we all had our little houses and Minnie slept on the lounger as I think she gets to hot sharing with me.... and i snore VERY loud!... so loud it wakes up ma and pa sometimes!! hehe!

even though Ma said it was the same... Alfies water tasted better.... yum yum... slurp slurp....

Minnie got 'locked up' by Alfie as she tried to chew on his tail, so he told her off and put her in time out in his house for a bit.....

wow..... all this hetic lifestyle and sleepovers is turning me grey!!!!

Love Reg xxx