Monday, 30 July 2012

Reg & Minnie.... or Pamela & The Hoff ??

sorry I havent been blogging much guys.... terrible of me! I've been out enjoying the sunshine!!
... will write more soon!... Promise!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lost in the woods

Hi All,

Sorry ive been away for a while, but Ma & Pa have been on some trips away, so I have had to look after Minnie and Uncle Alf, so havent had time to blog.

First of all Ma & Pa went to the Moto GP at Silverstone for the weekend...

As Grandma was coming to look after us for the weekend, I made her a Reggie Special welcome pack with all her favourites in.... got me some puppy brownie points that did :-)

Ma & Pa then strolled off to Alton Towers... so they had a lot of walks to take us on to make up for it when they got back!!

As promised Ma & Pa bought us new seatbelts for the car and took us to the woods when they got back

We saw some really cool things! there were lots of things to smell and see...

Minnie followed Pa up a tree!!

It was very green where we were...

There were some lovely wild horses and a big puddle that Minnie splashed around in...

There were some interesting trees to look at

 We found an old creepy house in the middle of the woods... i didnt hang around to see who lived there...

some very lovely walks!

We missed our housemate so much that he came over to sunbath with us today... Uncle Alfie with a new hairdoo!!