Sunday, 25 March 2012

HaPpY bIrThDaY... HeCtOr!!

Its my Uncle Hector's Birthday today!! He lives in ManchestAAAAA!

Baby Photo...

Recent Photo...

Happy Birthday Hector!! xxx

My Weekend

This weekend has been very nice as the weather has been lovely!!!

I made the most of it and chilled out in the garden...

I had a kick about with Piggy on the grass...

I had some cuddles with Pa....

& helped Ma arrange her special memory garden for Nanna.... the flowers smell very nice & theres a butterfly that flies around it!

its been a very lovely weekend in the sun!

... Oh hang on, Ma needs my help to look for something....

"Trifle? what Trifle?..... No Ma, I honestly havent seen your trifle.... are you sure you had one??"

Saturday, 24 March 2012

.... Scary Film

I watched a scary film the other day with this horrible yellow man.... he really was spooky and I didnt like him.... He was a Sponge called... Sponge Bob Square Pants!!!!


So while Ma & Pa were out I took on his mates....

6 pack of new sponges.... taken care of!!! 

Silly SpongeBob!!

Once again Ma & Pa didnt seem impressed!! :-(

Friday, 23 March 2012


Ma says I need to save my pennies & speak to some Lady called Cath Kidston about this.....

 I thought it was ok to eat them, as they were on the dinner table..... turns out I was wrong.....  Again!!!! Ooops!

'Dog house for me...Sniff sniff....'

 my bestest sad face :-(

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Cousin.... Winston

After introducing you to Alfie, I also wanted to introduce you to my cousin Winston.

He lives in Stoke-On-Trent with Pat the Legend, Uncle M & Robbie D... (Robbie D came to visit me and brought chocolate & i thanked him by nipping his toes!!!) & Molly the cat.

Winston has a friend called Duncan the Dalmation... he looked after him before he went to his new home.... he used to let Winston share his bed... which is super nice!

He pooped on Aunie P's Laura Ashley rug.... but as he is super cute all was forgiven...


This is a holiday snap from when he went to Yorkshire

& this is him guarding his grounds

I will get to meet Winston when I go North or he comes South.... can't wait!! he is proper cool & I'm very lucky he is my cousin!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Catalogue wish list...

Saw this in my PuggyPaws catalogue..... this is bang on trend......

I want one to go with my 'Reggie says Relax' T-Shirt!!.....

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Today there was an 'un-natural disaster' while Ma & Pa were out........

!!!! Avalanche at bean bag Mountain...... !!!! 

I was in BIG trouble & got myself banged up for a while.... which resulted in me missing some good tele.....  sniff sniff

It took ages to clean up.... but I thought it looked pretty!!!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My Uncle Alf

Im off on holiday tomorrow to stay with Uncle Alfie as Ma & Pa are going up North to see Grandad!
I'm quite looking forward to going on holiday and Ma & Pa will bring me a pressie back!

I wanted to introduce you to Uncle Alf properly....

My Uncle Alfie 

Alfie is a Cavalier King Charles and is 3 years old. His Birthday is 31st August.

He was very shy when he first came to live with his Ma & Pa. He didnt leave his bed for a while & was very nervous.... This was his first day in his new home.

He soon became brave and was running around the house!!....

My Ma lived with Alf for a while & says that she can see the King Charles in me, as some of the things I do, Alfie did as a puppy.

He to had to face the Christmas jumper.... 'Noooooo hide my face in shame!' he was saying! :)

He used to sunbath in the garden, but as he has mainly black fur he used to get super hot & didnt realise that he should hide in the shade.... so the umbrella followed him around!

Alf used to get to go out in Gordon sometimes.... Gordon was Ma's most favourite thing...
her shiny red Beetle.

Alf is a top dog & I am glad that he is my Uncle!!


Thursday, 8 March 2012

You've got Mail...

Wow!!!!!! Today I received my first EVER post!!!! I am super excited and soooooo happy!!!

It is from my bestest blog buddy, Frank the Tank! He is so cool!! He is a Pugalier to, and he is a bit older, so I can see what I might be like when I grow up! He's a lucky little Pugalier with a lovely Ma & Pa who take him on amazing long walks and even on holiday!!

I love my post!!! I feel special :-)
Thank you sooooooo much Frank, you made my day!!
lots of paw hugs!! xxx

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dr Reggie, Medical Dog & lazy Sunday

This weekend I had to pop on my medical hat... (which I've now eaten) as Pa chopped the top of his finger off!!
Ma was a rubbish nurse & thought it would be funny to buy him a 'get well soon' present........
a box of chocolate fingers!!! hehe

 I helped Ma plant some seeds.... just to make sure she's planting my salad right!!

Then I chilled out on the swing for a bit.....

Sunday it rained... So I had to chill out indoors.... I read a nice magazine about Spring Trends & decided on the new colour scheme for my little puppy house.... just got to save my doggy treats to get some curtains & maybe a few matching scatter cushions..... floral of course! :-) 

Reggie goes to Hollywood

Me in my new Retro T-shirt which Ma helped me put together!!!