Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Uncle Hector has crossed the Rainbow Bridge...

Today is very sad as Uncle Hector (Heccy) has passed over the Rainbow Bridge
Hector is a Maltese Terrier and lived with his Human Ma, Pa and Bro in Manchester.
He lived in Somerset for a short time to, with my Ma, so he's travelled a bit of the 'doggy world' 
He lived to be old and had a very happy life!

He's had some bad hair doo's!... but for a long time has had his hair short as it suited him better

He used to go on Holiday to Blackpool most years and stay in a hotel... how many lucky dogs do that? He wasn't allowed in the Casino's though, but got to see the Illuminations and Trams!
This is Hector and his Bro when they were both young Pups!
It's not all sad though as Hector is in good company! He will be reunited with his friend Pippa the Cairn Terrier who belong to Ma's Grandad - she crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago now.

They were friends for many years

Uncle Hector will now be able to run around and see properly with all his friends over the Rainbow Bridge, he will really miss his human family, but he has all his memories to share!

 Until we meet again.... Bye Bye Uncle Hector, Big Hug xxxxx

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Happy Birthday Papa Clegg & Jordan!

Today is papa Clegg & Uncle Jordan's birthday!!!
(Pa's dad & Ma's brother!)
Hope you have both had a pawsome day guys!! Xxx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Uncle Alf and the Surgery!

I havent blogged since my last post as Alf took a turn for the worst and had to go for emergency surgery on his spine! I was so worried about him and his ma & pa.... it was very upsetting.
Alfie was taken to a special place for very poorly dogs.
You can only go here if the vet sends you...
It was nearly dark when his Ma went to collect him...

There was another chap anxiously waiting for news of his friend...

Then out came Uncle Alfie with his lovely nurse Bryony.

He was still on a few tablets, so was still away with the fairies, but he looked so much better than he did and he isnt in constant pain now, he's just a bit sore.

 He sat and had a goodbye chat with his nurse...
Even though Alfies operation was on his spine, the surgeon had to go in through the front... here you can see his big plaster covering his wound and stitches.

He had his legs shaved like a poodle. This was for all the needles he had to have for his drip and pain killers. He will still be a bit sore for a while and he has to go very careful and needs to have crate rest, but he should get better soon and be back to Alf... he's never been the most energetic puppy... so he should be ok just chillin out from now on!
Here is Alfie showing you his big bandage.....
"Look guys, look at my big scar... im a big brave boy!"

Finally, Alfie is in the car ready to go home!
Home is his favourite place! he has lovely toys, lovely food, lovely friends, lovely cosy bedding and best of all lovely Pawrents who spoil him!
"come on Ma, lets go home"
Big hug xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Get Well Soon Uncle Alfie... xxx

I haven't been blogging much lately as I've been very worried about my Uncle Alfie, he is very poorly.
He's only 4 years old, so it was a bit of a shock when he suddenly became ill!
... his Ma & Pa & I are so upset as he is a much loved boy & we want him to get better quickly!

Here he is in my garden chillin in the sun with me...

He has been my friend since Day 1 in my forever home and has been a very good Uncle who shares his things with me when I go to stay.

Alfie had to have a MRI scan on Monday and this confirmed that he has Intervertebral Disc Disease.
He has to have complete crate rest for 6 weeks and then the vet will decide if he needs an operation....
Until he is better I am not allowed to see him as we get to excited and play and this could slow down Alfie's recovery... I will be sad not to see him for so long, but Ma will see him and let him know I'm missing him.

Alf is very brave and very loved, so he is coping with his illness by getting lots of rest and lie downs. 
He is frustrated though as he doesnt understand what is wrong and his mobility is very limited.... 

Get Well Soon Alf.... We need the 3 amigo's back together!!! 

Lots of love and get well soon hugs from your bestest nephew.... Reggie xxxx
Minnie sends a big kiss to!!