Thursday, 9 August 2012

Best Friends Forever!!!

Me and Minnie are BFF's .... Best Friends Forever!
at first I didnt really like Minnie as she was a girl... & I dont like girls, but she is super cool!

She is a bit naughty and is proving hard to train, and is leading me astray slightly..... but sometimes she is peaceful and just hangs out with me on my swinging chair watching the flowers grow...

... She is very thoughtful and knows when people are upset and need cheering up

and I now have help to fight my arch nemesis next door..... The cat!!!

... Look Minnie, there he is now... 

Cat says; "HEY this is my side of the fence nosey pug parkers!! bit of privacy please!!! I'm planning my cat revenge on you!!! wa ha ha ha ha!!!"

1 comment:

Frank The Tank said...

Awww you both look so very sweet! Soooo cute! You look like the perfect pals, it looks like you enjoy spending time together chilling out on your swing chair! I too live with a few evil cats, but I have a cat BFF called Emi who plays with me, we chase eachother around the garden and even sit next to eachother, we work together to keep the other NASTY C-A-T's away! Its our turf!!
Love, Licks and Hugs from Frank xxxxxxxxx