Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Bedsit...

Been ages since ive blogged as Ive been making mine and Minnie's beautiful bedsit!!!

Its complete with bunk beds, wall paper, a framed photo of ourselves and a lovely apple scented air freshner....

Here we are in our new location.... Minnie has the top bunk as she can jump the highest!

Our little photo on the wall and our little address tag saying 'Reggie & Minnie's bedsit' so everyone know who lives here....

We hang our harnesses and leads on our coat hook...

Home Sweet Home
My lovely cousin Winston writes;
Dear Reggie and Minnie..
I love your new house, it's so cool!!
I wanted to ask is there any room for lodgers, I promise to be on my best behaviour, and I will pay the rent on time( I'll have to ask mum for that)
I can supply good references from  Bob the boxer and Tilly the terrier!!
I hope to hear from you both very soon..
Slobber, slobber, lick,lick..
Mr Winston, ( woof, woof..)

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