Thursday, 11 July 2013

What a beautiful day.... hey hey.... what a beautiful day.....

Last weekend I was invited to meet my Cousin Winston and his family... They had gone on a camper van holiday to Devon and Cornwall!
We went to meet them in Woolacombe! I had the best day!

This is their Camper - It was called Eddie I think.

Woolacombe Beach was great! Dogs were allowed off the leads once we got past a certain rock.... we ran free for miles!
Heres Me and Winston and Winston's pa.

Alfie came to and he had a lovely time, but he suffered a little from his back bless him.... but his tail was wagging all the time!

Winston is so posh that he drinks out of a drinks bottle like humans!!

There were loads of other dogs for us to meet and say hello to!

This is the whole group together, Ma's taking the photo then theres Roger, Ma's Ma, Alfie, Auntie Patty, ME, Uncle Malc, Winston and then Ma's lovely cousin Rob!
It was so nice to see them all and was so great that the weather was so good! We walked 7.5 miles!

I like to dig in the puddles....

Ma.... I dont want to pose for photos.... put me down..... !

Only jokin Ma.... Gimmie a kiss! 'Mwah!'

Me and my Ma..... she loves me LOADS! She lucky to have me as I am super cute!... I love her a little bit to, but Ssssshhhhhh, will ruin my street cred! 

My Hasslehoff impression....... "I'll be ready... no dont you fear.....! dum dum dum dum woof!"

Dig dig dig....

Ma's ma, me, Alf and Auntie P having a paddle.... Im the bravest as I went in the furthest!

Soggy Winston!!!

Lifeguard Dog! He was so good sat there watching the surf!

Back at the campsite we all had a much needed rest....

Sweet dreams! That was the best day ever! xxx

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Frank The Tank said...

Hi Reggie!
Wow you got to meet your cousin Winston and go to the beach at Woolacombe, BOW_WOW! It looks like you had the best day EVER! That last photo just says it all, you were sleeping like a puppy!
I love the photos of all you doggys playing and the pics with your beautiful Mamma!
That Camper Van is soooo cool, I would love my Pawrents to have one so we could go for adventures all the time! Looks like you had a great time, hope we get to see eachother soon! Love and Licks from Frank (your bro-mo) xxxxx