Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Walk to Langport

Today I decided to walk from one of my favourite human houses to uncle Alfie's house! 
Ma recorded it on her walking app to see how far it was! 

I put one of my jumpers on as it's been a bit chilly out lately

One of the houses here is where I started my walk... 

There were some nice views on the way

Then we got into the town of Langport

The river parrett runs through langport & it's flooded this year & caused a lot of problems, but it's being fixed

This is the river, it's very pretty! 

There were lots of fisherman out today

This is the high street... We walked right to the top! It's a lovely little town 

I do enjoy walking

When I got to Alfie's I had a well deserved cup of tea! 

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