Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bluebells & rain clouds

Today me & ma went on a lunchtime walk...  But instead of turning right at the end of the road we turned left... 

We came across a new path to explore

Why haven't we been this way before Ma?!

There were bridges & styles & lots of lovely flowers! 

I stopped & had a smell of the lovely flowers!

We walked over the bridge to see what we could see

There was a lovely stream

And a little tunnel the water went through

There were lots of bluebells around today 

They were very pretty

The path was long & went through a wooded area, I led the way

Can you see the tree house??

I raced ahead of ma & kept running back for her

Back on the bridge I was looking over the side for fishes... 

Couldnt see any today.. 

This walk was so pretty, I will definitely turn left again! 

Instead of a message in a bottle, we found a feather in a bottle!... Hummm

It's time to head back to the office... Uh oh, look at those clouds!! 

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