Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Walk, Sheeps & Butterfly Nanna

Me & ma get to go on some lovely walks where I live... This is the road to my house!

We walked past some Sheeps... I tried to speak to this one...he was called Baa Baa! 

I think some of the Sheeps were wary of me & thought I was a wolf! 

I asked them how their day had been, but they weren't very chatty, so we carried on walking...

We then came across one of Ma's favourite things! ... A butterfly! 
It stopped to say hello to me! 

It was very pretty! 

Ma said these butterflies always remind her of her Nanna... So they make her smile! 

We past these plants in the field.. They smelt very nice, but not sure what it is? 

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Frank The Tank said...

Hi Reggie!
I do believe that butterflies are the spirits of people we have loved so think maybe Nanna was saying Hello to you! They are so beautiful, just like your Mum! You look like you had a wonderful walk! That sheep looks like a nice friend, shame the others were scared of your big and manly physique! Love and licks from your Bro from another Mo Frank xxxxxxxx