Sunday, 26 February 2012

Garden Time!

For the first time in my little life so far I have been playing in the garden properly this weekend!
Its normally super cold or raining, so I dont stay out for long, but Ma, Pa and Grandma were out in my garden this weekend, so it was good!

I caught some rays....

Then Pa was really annoying and chopped down my outside carpet!! He de-pooped it and eveything... I'd just got it how I liked it so I was not impressed...... as you can see..

"Whoof Whoof... Go away pa!! get your own outdoor carpet... Whoof Whoof!!!"


Minnie and Mack said...

So cute! That is an interesting lawn mower. Never seen one like that.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

PeeS: your outdoor carpet sure is nice and thick and green. Is that from your poop fertilizer? Ha ha ha

Frank The Tank said...

Awwwww poor Reggie! I cant believe that your Dad would do such a terrible thing to cut your outdoor carpet AND to remove the poop! That guys is mean!! I love that Minnie hasnt seen a hover Mower before, must be a British thing! You know the Americas do it bigger and better, Dad wants one you can ride on like in America for our big lawn!!! I love the video, boy oh boy you look like you have grown soooo much, soon you will be as big as me!!!!
Love, Licks, hugs and tummy rubs from Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reggie said...

I don't like the lawn mower... it ruined my day!! no, no scratch that.. ruined my week!!!
a sit on mower??!! now i think Pa would like one of them, but I only have a puggy sized garden.
I know, ive grown loads! i can escape from almost anywhere now, so i can get into all the rooms i want & i had to get a new collar as my puppy one got too small!! the vet said he's not sure how big i will be being a cross breed.. but i think i will be like you Frank!
love to you both!!! Reggie xxxx

wendy said...

Glad Reggie thad a lovely garden day, Raya is the same with the mower!!
Couldn't email you after your lovely comments as you do not have your email on your blog enabled.
Thanks for the lovely comments anyway.
Wendy Raya & Pebbs