Saturday, 11 February 2012

..... A walk on the Quantocks

Today I went for a walk on the Quantocks which is near my house!...

It was so good! I was allowed off my lead for the first time & I came back when I was called! 

Me & Pa had a running race & I met some other Doggy's!

I climbed a tree...

I saw some wild horses!!

They we're very pretty, but a bit too big for me to play with, so I was a good Puppy & kept my distance!

It was a very lovely place for a walk!!

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Frank The Tank said...

Hi Reggie!
That was such a wonderful walk! Thank you for taking me with you! Did you like the snow? You looked so happy running around in the video and so clever to bring the toy back to your Dad! I usually dont bring stuff back, I run after it and then wait by it so Mum and Dad can come to me! Hee,Hee! I love the photo of you in the tree you are sooooo cute!! Its real nice that you went to see all those animals! I dont blame you being a good Pugalier and staying away from those big Hourses, they look really big compared to you, Im scared of hourses and even bark at them on the tele! Its crazy! I hope you go on more walks soon because I love to see the photos! Love, Licks and Pug hugs from Frank xxxxxxxxx ps. send an email to with your address so I can send you a (belated) valentines card!!!