Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dr Reggie, Medical Dog & lazy Sunday

This weekend I had to pop on my medical hat... (which I've now eaten) as Pa chopped the top of his finger off!!
Ma was a rubbish nurse & thought it would be funny to buy him a 'get well soon' present........
a box of chocolate fingers!!! hehe

 I helped Ma plant some seeds.... just to make sure she's planting my salad right!!

Then I chilled out on the swing for a bit.....

Sunday it rained... So I had to chill out indoors.... I read a nice magazine about Spring Trends & decided on the new colour scheme for my little puppy house.... just got to save my doggy treats to get some curtains & maybe a few matching scatter cushions..... floral of course! :-) 

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Frank The Tank said...

Oh No, your poor Dad, I hope he is ok now! Bless him! Laughing at chocci fingers tho! Mmmmm I wish I could have them they look so yummy, but Mum says chocci is toxic to us doggies so I will have to make do with my doggy treats! You are such a helpful pugalier helping your Mum with her Garden, I wasnt much help with my Mum last year, I dug up most of her veg and those I didnt dig up I took a puggy piddle on! Oops! I love the photo of you on the swing you looks so relaxed!
The photo of you and the magazine is fab, My Mum reads that too! I like to curl up on her lap and she reads to me!
You are really growing, but your still not as big as me! How much do you weigh? Us Pugaliers are supposed to be about 8-9kg but I'm overweight as I'm 12kg with all the treats! I'm on a diet now tho! Mum is taking me on lovely long walks again ow that the weather is sunny and the nights are light! Wahoo! Love Frank xxxxxxxxxxx