Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Cousin.... Winston

After introducing you to Alfie, I also wanted to introduce you to my cousin Winston.

He lives in Stoke-On-Trent with Pat the Legend, Uncle M & Robbie D... (Robbie D came to visit me and brought chocolate & i thanked him by nipping his toes!!!) & Molly the cat.

Winston has a friend called Duncan the Dalmation... he looked after him before he went to his new home.... he used to let Winston share his bed... which is super nice!

He pooped on Aunie P's Laura Ashley rug.... but as he is super cute all was forgiven...


This is a holiday snap from when he went to Yorkshire

& this is him guarding his grounds

I will get to meet Winston when I go North or he comes South.... can't wait!! he is proper cool & I'm very lucky he is my cousin!

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Reggie said...

Text Message from Winston....

Dear Reggie
Thank u so much for putting me on ur blog, I feel very special and i must say I really am
A handsome chap, it's no wonder all the ladies love me!! I love living in olde Brown Edge and my mum takes me for lots of walks, I love to be off the lead but I forget myself and take ages to come back which makes mum shout and all her face goes red!!! Thank u again cous, have fun in Taunton and keep ur mum on her toes!!! I hope some nice bitch reads the blog, I wouldnt mind a blind date!!! Keep in touch old cous, slobber,slobber, lick lick!! Winst xxxx