Monday, 21 May 2012

The Olympic Torch!!

Wow what an evening!! The Olympic torch came to my home town and I was allowed to go see it... Minnie had to stay home as shes not had her second jabs yet, but I've told her all about it!

Ma & Pa's good friends Esther & Brian came with us and we had a great time!!!

Front row views!!! I kept my puggy little eyes peeled and saw loads of cool things!!!

I saw some horses that have jobs as police!

I saw a super cool dog flying his flag!!

I saw some cycling policemen

I saw more police....
Look calm, look calm... don't think they are looking for me!
Im an upstanding Puggy-Citizen! 

The torch is coming......

Look Look, Will-i-am is on this bus!! can you see him?
He's Dope!! (as Will would say!)
He looked at me out the window!! I think he must like dogs!... He thought I was Dope! :-)

Look, there's me with my flag!!

 I saw a cola lorry! yum yum!

I saw a Lloyds TSB bus

I saw these runners who jog along with the torch

and here it is.... The Olympic Torch!!! The lady looked right at me!.... She must like dogs to!

This lady is called Chloe Lock and she is 26 and is from Honiton.
Her friends write...
Chloe encourages people who are less able and have no-self confidence. She is a team player and amazing athlete and wonderful instructor. we all love her and she won't disappoint

It was so exciting to see the Olympic Torch! I had such a lovely time and am glad I got to share it with Ma & Pa who love me very much!

Check out Will i am's piccie below!!

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Frank The Tank said...

Wow that's amazing! The Olympic torch will be coming through Caerphilly (my Dads home town) soon! Love all the photos, they are fab! Will I am is cool too! What a wonderful experience! Love your bro from another mo Frank x x x x x x x x