Sunday, 7 October 2012

Poor Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is feeling very poorly. She went to the vets to be spayed.
Its my job as her big bro to look after her and make sure she gets well soon!

I let her have a long sleep on the sofa... I think this is the longest she's kept still for!
Minnie's lampshade collar made her sad so I said she could take it off for 30 minutes as long as she wore a little skirt to cover her stiches so she wasnt tempted to disturb them.... In support I wore my big boy pants from when I was poorly!

Minnie's skirt was very fashionable! She did some poses!

She then asked if she could have a little sleep without the lampshade collar on... i agreed and kept a very close eye on her! he skirt also doubled up as a blanket!

Today she had to go back to the vets to have her stiches looked at... she was a bit nervous as shes not very good when she goes out of the house at the moment... she might need special training!
Her nurse Joanna was lovely and was so helpful and nice about Minnie!! and best of all she said her wound looked fine!!

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