Thursday 23 May 2013

Frank in the fur!!

Yesterday ma left work early so she could drive me to meet my best blog friend, my brother from another mother - Frank!!! 
He lives in Wales & was on his holidays in Devon, so we arranged to meet up as its not to far from my house!

It was brilliant to meet him!! He really is a handsome chap!! 
His mummy is very beautiful to & I got a little kiss!
We all had a run on the beach and the sun was shining!! I loved it!
 I cannot wait to meet them again!! Friends forever!! 

Kisses!! Xxx
Wow!!! Mirror! 

Hey good lookin! 

What a lovely afternoon with my new friends! Xx

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Frank The Tank said...

Hi Reggie!
What a wonderful time we both had together, I really loved meeting you, I thought that you were incredible, so cute and handsome and ... just like me! BOL! I just loved playing on the beach with you, seeing those crazy leaping prawns, running in the sea with my Daddy and chasing you along the rocks, my favorite thing was teaching you how to roll in smelly stuff, it was great to see you roll full force head first in that seaweed! I hope that you can come and stay with us in Wales soon, we would love to have you and your Mummy here to show you both my world! My Mum thinks that your Mum is just wonderful, she says that it feels like you have both been friends forever, so easy to talk to and so much fun, Mum smiled the whole time and thinks your Mum is really beautiful (even in her work uniform) my daddy is still laughing about the Cardiff comment and he can't stop talking about how much alike Reggie and me are and its true, like looking in to a mirror! I love the photos, Mum says she loved having kisses from you Reggie and if she had taken a bag with her she would have tried to take you home in it! I had such a great time, I'm really looking forward to seeing you again! Love, Licks and Pugalier hugs from your bro from another mo, Frank XxxxX