Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Birthday Treat at The Groom Room

It's my Birthday on Monday so I was allowed a treat for the weekend! I chose to go to the Groom Room!!! Its a puppy pamper parlour!.... It was the best present ever!!!
It was in my favourite shop Pets at Home in Taunton

They had so many things to choose from!! I of course had the Top Dog Package!!! Brilliant!!

They had proper Grooming tables and it was the coolest puppy salon ive ever been in! The staff we so nice to!

My excellent groomer took this photo of me in the bath!! bubbles!!!!

I smell so fresh and clean!! and I look PAWSOME!!!!

The Groom Room gave me a super cool bandana to!

I was so good that I was allowed a treat to!! Yum Yum!

I really do feel like 'Top Dog' today!  Thank you! xxxx

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