Friday, 25 October 2013

A new Lunchtime walk!!

Sometimes I get to go to work with my Ma... on these days we will go for a lunchtime walk and try and find new places to explore in the lovely area we are in!

I only met one other dog on my walk as it was out in the sticks, but we stopped and said a quick Hello!

Ma said Robin Hood must of been around these parts... He'd left an arrow!

We walked through a really cool wooded area that joined a field to a beautiful orchard!

The Orchard was so pretty! There were trees as far as my Puggy Eyes could see!

I went in for a closer look...

I am lucky enough to live in Somerset.... & Somerset is very famous for its Cider! I imagine this orchard is for Cider, there were lots of apples on the ground!

When we were nearing the end of the orchard I started to hear water!!! I love looking at the water... & if i'm feeling brave I go in!

There were some stone steps and a lovely bridge to go over...

Wow!!! look at this lovely place! What a find! I went straight down to the water to have a closer look!

Ma watched on from the bridge!

I didnt get to close to this part as if I fell in the hole I would of been forced under the water on the other side....

There were some very beautiful trees.... living and fallen

More bridges led us to more fields.... I led the way so Ma didnt get lost!

The field on the other side was heading us in the wrong direction for going back to Ma's work, so we turned around and walked back the way we came.... but we didnt mind as the views were so nice!

Ma had left her wellies at home!! So her Uggs got a bit damp! Ooops!

We played a bit of hide and seek on the way home.... can you see me?

We came across a HUGE mushroom....

Ma looked underneath for Fairies......

But they must of been out for lunch to..... xxx

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