Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Minehead... one of my top 10 places!

I got to go on an adventure on Sunday as something needed collecting in Minehead! It wasn't the best weather, but I thought I'd brave it anyway as I love going to the seaside!!!!
I got to ride in the front and watch the cars go by...

There was a bit of drama on the way over as a spider came down from the roof to say hello to Ma.... she didn't seem to appreciate this & there were screams of....
"my flipping seat belts jammed.... argghhh help me get out....."  haha, she's silly! She reckons it was one of those black widows everyones talking about, but we will never know for sure as the photo is so blurred (shaky arms of panic!! haha).....

I keep looking out for the sea...... we are getting closer!!

Yey!! My first look at the sea!!!

We ended up at the harbour end... Theres alot more for me to look at and more importantly theres more things to smell!!!
Ma likes taking photos of old things.... weird!

You might be able to see that i have my camera on my collar.... Ma thought it would be nice for me to take some photos for myself at the seaside.... I jumped into the sea and busted it..... Ooooopppsss!!! Didn't get many Reggie brownie points for that!!! Will ask Santy Paws for another one maybe?

It was very dramatic weather wise on the coast! There were tankers in the distance, but you might not be able to see them with the haze...

The sea looks calm here, but the waves kept coming in with some force!

I love it here, I can be free and run around on the pebbles!

This is the harbour area! The tide was out so the boats just rest on the sand.

Its so pretty here.... even in the stormy weather!

There were lots of things for me to sniff and dig on the sand....

Ma liked this boat.... She said it was 'cute'.... so took photos of it when she should of been taking photos of me!!

Here I am again with the harbour wall in the background! There was sinking mud on the beach and a few wellies were nearly lost!!!

... That boat.... again!

This is near to where the sinking mud was!!! my paws were so dirty! it looked like i had little muddy socks on!!

Ma said this reminded her of Pirate of the Caribbean!?..... Jack Sparrow wasn't around though much to Ma's disappointment!

We managed to find a rock pool to wash off my paws and the wellies in!

Ummm salty sea water..... Sllurrrpppp!

Just rinsing the old puggy paws....

If you look in to the distance you can se the delight that is Butlins..... Im sure its very nice there, but its not my cup of tea

Ooooo a big rock pool for me to paddle in!!!

These 'sticks' looked pretty! In the background if you look hard enough you can see a surfer!! he was very brave I thought!

More pretty sticks....

I dont know if you will be able to see this photo properly, but it really made me laugh.... it was a young Staffie playing on the beach trying with all his might to get the buoy off the chains & ropes!! hehe!
He would have been there all day trying to get it! Think he thought it was a big pink football!!!

Here he is again with a smaller white buoy that was attached.... it looked like a good game to me!

There is also a lifeboat station in Minehead! The people that man the lifeboats are very brave!!

.... another 'old' boat! Its nearly time to go home....

Just one last look at the sea..... & then home!

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