Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My new job.... I'm a dog buddy!

Ma is saving up to buy me a house, so to help raise extra pennies I suggested that I have friends over to stay as Ma can get pennies this way... so I applied to be a dog buddy!
Ma had an interview today and got through..... So 'Reggie's House' is officially open!!!

have a look at my page!


It will be so nice to meet lots of new dogs & show them where I live! I will have someone to run with on my walks to!
My dog buddy is a great idea as Ma will be fully insured & this will give the owners peace of mind to.

If you know anyone who may like to come and stay with me, please send them my link!
thank you!
Lots of love Reggie xxx

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Frank The Tank said...

Hi Reggie!
That is such a PAWSOME idea, it will be so nice to have so many dogs to play with, to go on walks with you and to have fun with! You need to stay over mine soon, I'm missing my bro from another Mo! Deffo meet up in the spring, its too wet and cold at the moment!
Love the phot, you are just adorable, so handsome, yep you look just like me!
love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxx