Monday, 20 January 2014

Puddles and sunshine!

Puddles and Sunshine is one of my favourite things... Ever!!!! It reminds me of the seaside a little bit, which is my no.1 favourite place!

This is the park closest to my house! There was the biggest & bestest puddle i had seen in ages!

I was so excited, I was running around so much! This is a great walk! I have missed the sun so much as Im a proper sun pug & like to sunbath!

I just stood in that great big awesome puddle & reflected on my little puggy life.... I do my best thinking stood in puddles!

I made sure I explored every part of the puddle to make sure I didn't miss anything.

I could see a church that I've walked past a few times if Ive popped into town to share a Greggs Sausage Roll with Ma!..... Ummmm Sausage rolls......

There wasn't any other doggys out enjoying the lovely puddles?!.... never mind, more puddles for me!

I could play all day in this puddle...

I had a little rest so I could dry off in the sun as it was still quite chilly out.

There are 3 churches in the skyline on this photo below... can you see them?

The next photo below I asked Ma to take so I can show you my house.... Theres a large pole that Ma calls 'The spaceship" as at night its all lit up.... You can kind of see the pole in the middle of the photo coming out of a roof.... well, that pole is right outside my house! So you can see how close I am to my puddles!

When Ma's not looking I always try and sneak down this lane.... Pets at home is down that lane.... we didn't go this time as I forgot my spends & Ma didn't bring her purse so she couldn't sub me!

I had done a lap of the field and ended up at the puddle end again! Yey!

I splashed my face in the water....

.... I found a little island.... I will name it 'Reggie Island' !

I keep watch for any other doggies to play with in the puddles!

Theres lots of stranded sticks in the water & I feared for their safety, so I rescued as many as I could!

Heres another one rescued..... Just call me 'The Hoff!'

I picked up the pace so I could rescue as many sticks as I could before Ma made me get out...

Don't worry sticks.... I will save you!

Wow! This was a big'un!

Good job Ma wore her wellies as I kept splashing her with all the sticks I was saving!!

Right.... one last look and then Im off home to sit in front of the fire!

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