Sunday, 4 January 2015

A 'new' new year walk

I went on a walk in my home town & I was feeling adventurous so followed a new trail... 
It brought us to this bridge & there was important work going on

We walked through a Christmas tree wood

I went over the bridge first to check it out

This must be the same small river that runs near my house 

I went down to dip my paws, but it was very chilly 

So I ran back up to continue my trail 

This is a pixie sized bridge

We walked through what looked like a marsh... 

But it brought us out by a sign post so we knew where we were... 

Then we came across a huge monster!!!

On closer inspection we decided it was something to do with cider apples... 

The trail then took us into a wood with stairs! I loved it here! 

There was something living under the stairs! 

The river flowed through this part to 

Best make our way back now before it gets dark.... This is my favourite walk now! I had a lovely time! 

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