Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Handmade Dog Collars!

Ma wanted to make us some collars.... but bought the wrong size buckles... not once, but twice!

The first ones are to big and the second ones are too small.... but that means other dogs can have these...

She's loved making them, so wants to carry on!

They are available to buy and Ma can even make to order if you like? If you have a collar in mind that you've always wanted, she might be able to find the material and make it!

There are plain pink and blue, Minnie Mouse and Thomas the Tank available at the moment!
Hello Kitty & Super Mario are on order....

She's working on a harness at the mo for a little Pug too!

Message Ma if you are interested in having one at a very good price! xxxxx

She made Minnie a Minnie Mouse one and me a Superman one!!!.... we love them!

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