Friday, 25 January 2013

Pa's 'Lady' friend...

We had two lovely guests round for tea and one of them took a liking to pa...
'Give us a kiss!!'

It was hard to play on his Xbox with all of Lady's attention
Minnie watched on... 

Lady was kind enough to model some of Ma's dog collars for bigger dogs than me.... she is a black labrador. The collar shes wearing is a one off Nanna's ribbon, in gingham and flowers (only £7... )

Here she is again modelling a lovely pink spotty one.... again only £7 to buy!

Thanks form coming Lady! was so lovely to see you!


Frank The Tank said...

Awww Lady looks lovely in your Mother's Collar Creations,she makes a great model as the collar colours really stand out on her black furs, she certainly loved your daddy!
Hopefully I can visit you soon, Mum says we can stop and meet you on our trip to Devon in May if your Pawrents are there! It would be great to see you! XxxxX

Reggie Minnie said...

yeah she has nice black fur!! she kept playing with my toys though and I didnt like that much... girls always ruin my things (no names mentioned.... Minnie!!)
shes a gentle giant though! very nice lady!
Yeah that would be great to meet you int he fur Frank!!
Ma and Pa are getting married in May, so theres only one weekend they are busy (25th) :-) big hug love Reggie xxxx