Thursday, 17 January 2013

New collars & thank you to Frank...

Thank you to lots of people for the lovely comments on my handmade collars!

I have taken a couple of orders & am very happy and excited to be making them....

If you havent yet ordered your lovely collar.... let me know if any of these designs take your fancy....

For small or medium collars I have...
Winnie the Pooh, Disney Faries & Tinkerbell all ready to be made to size!

For medium to large collars...
Care Bears, I heart Justin Beiber??? (not sure how that got in there!) Dora the explorer and a frog princess

Lovely Owl, The Smurfs, Pink Owl and a cute mermaid one!

Strawberry Girls (french), Barbie, Tweety Pie & Super Mario!

I only have enough for collars at the moment, but of course if your super keen on having a matching harness and lead I can get some more in!
These are first come first served for the ones ready to go now!
Can't wait to hear from you!!! Reggie xxxx 

I'd like to say thank you to my best friend, my brother from another mother...
Frank the Pugalier & his lovely Mum Jemma. xxx

They have been so kind telling all their friends about my handmade collars and Frank even bought one!!
He received it in the post this week and was so happy with it & told even more of his friends!
Isn't Frank a handsome chap! He reminds me of someone.....

He is a great model! and my handmade collar looks great on him!!

Catalogue Pose....
Frank went for the owls and as a suprise I added the star charm.... as he is a star!!

You can follow Franks adventures on his blog... Frank the Tank!
He was my first blog friend and is my bestest friend!! & his Mum is sooooo lovely and I can't wait to meet him in the fur soon!
& Mum can't wait to have a cuppa tea... or a wine with Jemma to thank them for everything!!
much love!!!
Reggie xxxxxxxxx


Frank The Tank said...

Oh Reggie such a wonderful post, I really like all of the ribbons for your Mum's handmade Collars!
I'm excited for her and hope that she gets more orders really soon!
My Mum has forwarded this post to my Cousin Jasper and my Friend Ernie to see if they want a new Collar, Harness or Lead!
Mum has booked to take me to Haven Devon Cliffs in May so really hope that we can meet up then!!! I would love to see you in the furs you are VERY HANDOME!!!!
Mum is blushing over the amazing nice things that you have wrote on the blog about us both! Thank you!!!!
Love your Bro from another Mo - Frank xxxxxxxx

Frank The Tank said...

Handsome *