Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weekend Fun!

Friday evening.... its the weekend! My favourite!! whoof!

Pa was making tea with his music on loud.... so me and Ma had a little dance around the kitchen! I'm pretty good at shaking my puggy toosh!


Ma & Pa said I could choose the morning tele viewing. There was a brilliant programme on about a guide dog! He was so clever.....

 I had to get a closer look.....

Uncle Alf came to visit Saturday afternoon! I like Alf.... he speaks my language! Whoof Woof!

We sat in the garden for a bit with Grandma.... (shes camera shy.... not like me!!)

We did so much sitting around in the garden that we tired ourselves out and had an afternoon nap.... Zzzzzzz


Ma took me for a walk to a lovely park near our house as Pa was watching football.... Yawn!

I've got a new lead and its pretty snazzy isnt it?!

I liked the park, but there was too much to look at!....

I did my first Poop out of my garden... Ma got REALLY excited about that and gave me lots of treats.... humans are weird!!!!!!

"Sniff sniff....." Roast beef for tea..... must dash!

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Frank The Tank said...

Wow Reggie what a wonderful weekend! I love that you got to play with your Uncle Alf, he looks like a charming guy! I also love that you had your first walk (and poop) outside! Well done you! Yeah Humans are crazy when it comes to poop, they always say I'm good for pooping and then they also like to inspect it! Whats so good about poop?? Frankly the whole thing stinks! Hee,Hee! xxxxx