Wednesday, 18 January 2012

At Alf's House!

I went to stay with Uncle Alfie this week....
It's nice here!.... Think I need to mess it up a bit, get some toys out... hehe!

Alfie didn't look to pleased to see me at first, but he said as long as I wasn't as hyperactive as normal it would be ok for me to stay...  

He said as I was his guest, I could have his beanbag mountain....

... It didn't last long.... but I didn't mind sharing.

"Quick Pheasant... Alf's gone to get a drink.... pinch his seat!!"  

I had a lovely time! Thank you for looking after me!! .... Carrots!!! Yum Yum!


wendy said...

We love you Reggie and Alfie.
we have been unable to comment because of a blogger glitch!
Alfie is so like Pebbles, they must be related somewhere along the line.
Keep posting, we look forward to your next adventure!

Frank The Tank said...

Awwww I love the photo of you and Alf on the bed together, that is soooo sweet! Naughty Pheasant taking Alf's seat!! It looks like you had a really wonderful time! Love and Licks from Frank xxxxx