Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Beach

Ma & Pa said they'd take me on my first outing to the beach! Eeeeekkkk!!

I'm so excited!
I thought I'd make myself look lovely for my fans & have a 'Puggy-icure'.... but Ma said pink wasn't my colour & the big dog down the road might have something to say about my little paws next time I see him on my walk......

.......... Think I'll leave it then

It was decided we would go to Sidmouth!!!! .... Ooooo it looks very nice!

I did some sight-seeing...... 

I had lunch on the beach..... Yum-yum sausage!

A Pesky Seagull had his eye on my lunch the whole time.....
I'm watchin' you Mr Sneaky-Beaky!!!.. There's a chip in that bag I'm saving for later!!

Me & Pa did some walking to burn of those chippy chips!... Don't want to put weight on my Puggy hips!!

Oooo.. that lady has a tennis ball!!

Well I was having a nice day until........
Gosh.... How rude!!!


Frank The Tank said...

Hi Reggie, I'm so excited for you that you got to go to the beach! I really love the beach, the salt sea air and the sand between my Pugalier paws! I havent been for a while because of the cold winter here in Wales but the summer is coming and I will be off to Barry beach soon for walk and a Burger king like before!
I think that you should have had that 'Puggy-icure' because pink is your colour dont listen to your Mother ot that big dog down the road!
The beach looks really good, it looks like you had one amazing day out! I bet you slept really well after didnt you??!! Im jel of you having lunch on the beach, I just love to eat sausage!!! You deffo need to keep an eye on Mr Sneaky-Beaky they will snatch the fish right out of your fingers, or in your case the sausage! They are one mean birdy!!!
No dogs allowed - thats crazy! Not nice at all! I have restrictions on some of my beaches too! I have a restriction "No Humans" thats right!!! Love and Pugalier Hugs from Frank xxxxxx

Reggie said...

Hi Frank,
Im trying to comment on your blog but it wont let me :-( I think I must be doing something wrong!
I will try and fix it & write back properly!
Big hug, Reg xxx