Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Weekend...

My weekend started badly as my secret was out....... I was BUSTED!!!

Ma had been blaming Pa for ages for nicking her water on her bedside table in the night & kept saying... "get your own water". I didn't hear her coming and she walked in to the room when I was mid sip.... she was NOT happy! She said she felt a bit sick... Don't know why?? my puppy breath isn't to bad!!!   


Ma & Pa Clegg came to visit, but we had such a lovely time that I forgot to ask my blog paparazzi to take piccies! Doh!
They brought some yummy food for me! Yum yum!
Ma Clegg was giving Ma some much needed advice on knitting... so while she was doing that, I had a sleep (for a change).....


We did some chores today.... I helped!

I unloaded the washing machine & helped hang the washing out..... Sort of!
... I looked after the pegs!

After we'd finished hanging out the washing I tried to take a photo of me and Ma together for my family album, but my paws don't stretch to far for me to hold out the camera & Ma's big head took up all the room.... you can only just about see me!!!
..... How selfish!!!

Best get some Zzzzzzzz's in, back to work tomorrow....
Looking after the house is a full time job you know!

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Frank The Tank said...

Awwwwww...I love all the phots but the one when you are sleeping on the chair is so cute! It sounds like you had a very busy weekend so no wonder you were so sleepy! Keep up the good work helping your Mum with all the housework! You are such a good boy Reggie! Love, Pugalier hugs and tummy rubs from Frank xxxxxxxx