Saturday, 14 January 2012

What a treat!

I have had to pack my suitcase today as I am going on my doggy holidays to Uncle Alfie's for a few days.
Alf's given me the low down on what I can and can't do during my visit, he said he can get me on the sofa when Grandma's not looking...

Ma & Pa are going up North for a few days, Ma was born in the North & has told me a bit about it, I also remember reading about this place in my favourite magazine....

Anyway, I've been quite busy this week with all my activities....Let me update you!

 I learnt to climb the stairs,

... But I haven't worked out how to get down!!

.... I ate some yoghurt! Yum Yum!

 ... I did a bit of sewing.

I looked at my pretty puggy face for a bit in the mirror & decided I'd like highlights for the summer!

.... then I rounded off the week by chillin' out with Phesant on Bean bag mountain... I've said if he's good he can come to Uncle Alf's with me.... Alf's on a diet as a nasty vet man said he was a porky pig even though he's just big boned, so rather than having treats he eats carrot, he sometimes shares them with me, they taste nice!!  Yum yum!!


Frank The Tank said...

Hi there Reggie, I've missed you! It seems like you have been incredibly busy with all your sewing, Pugalier pimpung and snuggles with pheasant, you should deffo let him come with you to Alfs! I hope that you have a really nice time there and you enjoy your stay! Poor Alf being on a diet! I feel his pain as I too am 'big boned' and am only supposed to have carrots! Mums been lacking tho this past week and have used my cuteness to wangle a pizza crust, some chicken, sausage and even a big raw hide bone! I love to eat! Be careful tho little one coz us Pugaliers are prone to weight gane as well as bad knees when we are older! Mum is trying to prevent thus by me being on a vet recommended diet and having long walks in my local area! I love it! Hope to hear from you again soon! Love, Licks and Pug Hugs from Frank x x x x x

Frank The Tank said...
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Frank The Tank said...

Oh sorry for double comment my computer is playing up! Forgot to say that I remember the days when I walked up but couldn't walk down the stairs! One day, Mum was doing the washing and when I appeared by her side in the kitchen she was shocked and so happy to see I finally walked down the stairs on my own! See my early blogging in 2010 for my stairs adventures! Love Frank x x x

Reggie said...

Hiya Frank! I deleted the 2nd one, so it just shows it once. hehe! i think we sound very similar! i love chicken and sausage!
Im going to read your blog from the start as it sounds very good and I like to know what i can get up to as i get older :-)
big hug! Reg xxx

Frank The Tank said...

Hi Reggie, thank you for the reply! Yes you need to have a read of my Blog from the start to see what I've been up to and what you can expect, maybe you can give your Mum and Dad some ideas! I love your blog! you look so much like me its scary! Love and Licks xxxxxxxxxx